Thank you for volunteering your help during UPR's Fall 2015 membership campaign. While shifts are scheduled in one-hour blocks, please sign up for a two hour block if possible.

Volunteers will need to know how to use a keyboard and have good hearing to take pledges. Other help is needed to handwrite donor thank you notes.

To volunteer, please enter your contact information below. All fields in red are required. The form should be filled out for each volunteer. We welcome couples or groups as well, but please fill out the form for each member of your group. A unique name is needed for each last name. However, if it's not known exactly who will come at the time you sign up, just provide a "fake" name for each slot so the desired time can be reserved. Thanks for your help! Please contact Bryan Earl at (435)797-3107 should you have any questions.

First Name:
Last Name:
Primary Phone:
Secondary Phone:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Date Start Time End Time Volunteers Needed
Thursday October 8, 201512:00 PM1:00 PM1
Thursday October 8, 20151:00 PM2:00 PM1
Thursday October 8, 20152:50 PM4:00 PM1
Thursday October 8, 20154:00 PM5:00 PM1
Saturday October 10, 20159:00 AM10:00 AM1
Saturday October 10, 20151:00 PM2:00 PM1
Monday October 12, 20155:00 PM6:00 PM1
Monday October 12, 20156:00 PM7:00 PM1
Tuesday October 13, 20157:00 AM8:00 AM1
Tuesday October 13, 20158:00 AM9:00 AM1
Tuesday October 13, 20155:00 PM6:00 PM1
Tuesday October 13, 20156:00 PM7:00 PM1
Wednesday October 14, 20157:00 AM8:00 AM1
Wednesday October 14, 20156:00 PM7:00 PM1